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Perry's Life Lessons to His Sons Josh and John
We need your help for a current project we are working on, please vote on your favorite life lesson!
In Lost Flowers there are 13 life lessons that Perry imparts to his boys. We want you to vote on your favorite.  Please only pick one and send to us through the contact button at the top of this page.
Tell us your name and which lesson you choose and why (optional).
Here they are:

1. Living in a world of secrets results in unnecessary hardships.  Secrets can ripple through and damage the course of the lives they touch. 

2. He had very little, but we always had each other.  Every child deserves that sense of security knowing that a parent or loved one will always be there.

3.  Every Child must have that one place of belonging, a place where they are safe and loved, where they can learn about people and grow confidence in themselves. 

4.  Don't gamble if you can't afford to lose it.  Choose your words and actions carefully, and make every interaction a "win-win" situation.

5.  Enjoy every moment and make each one last.  Find that one thing in life that you love and be the very best that you can be at it. 

6.  Children should be children and should enjoy their youth.  There will be plenty of time for work when you become an adult. 

7.  Good may not always be rewarded. But you may count on bad always coming back to you if you deal it out. 

8.  Find your passion and seek out a mentor who can give you the opportunities to follow your passion.  The power of one person can charge your entire life.

9. If at all possible, listen to, and heed, the advice and wisdom of your elders.  If you do, your future will be easier.

10. True wealth is about finding happiness in enjoying life and pursuing one's passion!

11. Live each moment as though it were your last. Never delay a kind word to a loved one in hopes of saying it later.

12. You are who you are, and nothing can change that.  The man makes the name; the name does not make the name. 

13. With faith, you have a basis for belonging and a foundation for living.