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"A great read"
I really liked this book! May 10, 2013

By teddyktm300 AMAZON BOOKS

I'm constantly searching for a read that covers parts of our seemingly fading American heritage. "Lost Flowers" captured my attention right away. It's a story of the survival, redemption, and success of a young man, Perry, born into the life of an infamous moonshiner, Percy Flowers. The tail is full of twists and turns. I found myself in tears often, and angry at others. Percy was a man's man and so must be Perry, having survived and then thrived under the wing of ol' Percy.

I grew up somehow knowing that the back woods of North Carolina was where moonshine was made. What I didn't know were the underlying stories behind the men, the power they weilded, the wealth they obtained, and the pain they caused to their families and communities. Perry's true life story fills in the blanks. It's a great read.
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This book is a fascinating look at how it used to be. Not how most of us, who grew up in a nice suburban or urban environment, *imagine* how it should be, but how it really WAS, at its most gritty and real. Real in the sense of Percy Flowers (the gangster Moonshine King), holding an interloper at gunpoint and threatening to have his man kill him if he didn't comply (well, the guy had it coming: Percy did tell him to keep his damn dog tied up). Real in the sense of hard men making hard decisions of how things where going to get "took care of". Reality in how a powerful man chose to rule his empire, sometimes harshly, often fairly.
Perry Sullivan's confessional is raw and emotional. Moonshine whiskey, cock fighting and hounds, that's what the South is portrayed to be in many a song and film. In this case, it's real enough.
Now, for a few minor quibbles (and the reason it's four stars and not five):
(1) The book leaves the reader wishing for more: more stories, more characters, more hair-raising adventures. There's a sense that there's a lot more stories to be told, so maybe, just maybe, here's wishing for a sequel. A Hollywood movie, even?
(2) The author could have included a few more "money" details: how much did it cost to run a still, how much did a mooonshiner really come out with, at the end of a hard day of cooking 'shine in an underground pit.
(3) That's all for the criticism, it really is a great read.
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"Leaves the reader wanting more"
Lost Flowers is one of the most unusual and multi-faceted books I have ever read. Full of pain as well as humor and love, at times this book made me laugh, at times it made me cry. The author's ability to authentically and sincerely share a very painful life story struck me as both courageous and raw. His tendency to reminisce in detail is truly a blast from the past and made me think of my own childhood. The stories of cockfighting, foxhound hunting, and making moonshine whiskey were at times brutal--and always fascinating. The stories of the people and characters, even more so.

After reading this book, I feel like the country folks from the region who all wanted to lay claim to knowing the author's notorious moonshining father, Percy Flowers. Only I would say this about the author himself, Perry Sullivan. After reading this book, I feel that: "I knowed him, I knowed him good."
"filled with pain humor and love"
"Movie?"   December 20, 2013

By Darla P. Peedin NC AMAZON BOOKS

I enjoyed this book. It is full of love and wisdom. 
It takes place where I live and my heart is full for Perry Sullivan.

"Had to read it in one day!"

By edad3 July 13, 2013 AMAZON BOOKS

A great story told by someone who never knew he was born to tell this story until he had children of his own. The irony throughout is stunning, almost haunting. The honesty is so stark it is unsettling. Read this book.

"Pulling Back The Curtain"

By Sprtsgy "JoCoDoc" (North Carolina) July 3, 2013 AMAZON BOOKS
I grew up hearing the name "Percy Flowers" from the time I was old enough to understand the King's English. Initially, those stories were about being the biggest moonshiner in the country. My father told the story of being in New York City while in the navy in WWII and finding that people there knew about Percy. As the son of a Baptist minister, such doings were scandalous. But as I grew older, forming my own opinions of the world, I heard that he was a "good man," who was generous to others. I have driven past his store hundreds of times, and have stopped on many occasions for a Diet Mountain Dew, and maybe a snack. I've heard stories of how my grandmother was a friend of Mrs. Della Flowers and how the folks building subdivisions on his land found remnants of old stills. I remember being told about the cock fighting building that stood next to Highway 42 until not that many years ago. But through it all, I really didn't know much about who Percy Flowers really was. I never met him. I never talked with anyone who had first-hand knowledge of him. So when I heard that there was a book about him, written by his son, it didn't take long to download to my Kindle.

I've never met Perry Sullivan. But I grew up only a few miles from where he spent his childhood. And we are virtually the same age. Reading his book was like taking the "Wayback Machine" to my childhood, as I turned page after page of descriptions of growing up in Johnston County, NC in the 1960's. Whether it was describing the wooden "drink crates" that held Pepsi and Coke bottles, disking a field at 10 or 12 years old while driving a tractor so big you had to stand on the clutch to stop it, or enjoying the camaraderie of a tobacco field crew, it all rang true. This alone was enough to make me love the book. But beyond that, it was fascinating to see the curtain pulled back on the life of the legendary Percy Flowers. I'm sure there was a lot Perry never knew about his father. But the parts he was able to share certainly painted a vivid picture of the man. I now feel I know much more about the man, and not just his legend.

If you just want a glance at a bygone era in the South, you'll enjoy this book. If you've longed to learn more about "Mr. Percy," you will not be able to put it down.

"Excellent Book" 

By Bonnie Vause - March 4, 2014 AMAZON BOOKS

Perry Sullivan is an awesome author. This book depicts his life, existence into our world, his world.
This book was written with heart felt emotions and Perry shares his life as an open book. Few of us would dare to be that brave and I admire Perry for writing this book. The story line is well written, easy flow and engages the reader. Both my husband and I have read the book, my husband loved it so much due to the rich history of his home town, he read it twice. I highly respect anyone that states they want to write a book...many state those words yet few take on such a hard task. I'm sure everyone will find this book engaging and at times heartfelt, tears forming with the values Perry has learned through his lifetime. He is really not the "Lost Flower(s)" because Perry Sullivan is a trustworthy man that had no say so in his birth. He was and remains innocent in that decision made by two adults...in this case, two adults that apparently cared/loved each other??? However, to judge Perry for their actions would be like someone judging you for something your loved one did and you had "nothing" to do with their decision(s). With that, I admire, appreciate his contribution to the world of words, the Author World where we learn through other's experiences. His book is a story of his bloodline and his heritage. I was touched by his warm heart, caring about others that were affected by the actions of his parents. Yet, he has nothing but kind words to add, appreciation toward the family. Thank you for writing your story, for sharing your heart. Dr. Bonnie Vause, Ed.D. Author of "Fast Escape" [...]